Business Startegy and Innovation

A new approach to next-generation business innovation

There's a better way for owners looking to increase their company's performance and value. The world is changing and to effectively compete and grow companies are forced to adapt, be more efficient, receptive, and innovative.

We don't use traditional business consulting approaches. Instead, by focusing our expertise on real business opportunities and real world feasibility we deliver insightful advice, innovative strategies and high-impact results. See what sets us apart and contact us to discover how new thinking = new results.

      "...We are at the beginning of perhaps the most important market and technology transition of our lifetimes - where new companies, new services, and new opportunities will be created..."

— Dave Evans, Cisco Chief Futurist

Business Strategy

How are we so different? Because, we're former senior executives and entrepreneurs with little patience for BS. We question the status quo and challenge conventional wisdom. We remove obstacles that stand between winning strategy and its realization by consistently delivering innovative insights, flawless execution, and high-impact results.

Technology Strategy

Digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality (AR) make it possible to target new sets of customers, to create new and unique value propositions for customers and employees, to capture new types of value, to develop new forms of scope, and to achieve new levels of strategic control.


If you are innovating, really innovating, then there is a real risk of failure. You want to test your ideas quickly and at minimal cost. We have Rapid Application Development capabilities for building technology prototypes. Our prototypes give you and your customers something tangible to interact with, revealing new opportunities and unforeseen issues.

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Our services.

Strategy Development

Our focus is on identifying and seizing opportunities that drive the top line. We don't offer strategic advice that's impractical to execute. We're in this for the long haul, and that includes execution, delivering solid results, and meeting your expectations.

R&D Expertise

Today's applications are not typical IT projects. They require multidisciplinary knowledge rarely found under one roof. We posses the rare skills to seamlessly go between software, electronics, and mechanical engineering when researching and developing solutions.

Prototyping Services

In order to be a one-stop solution development and prototyping centre, we offer the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to cover a wide variety of technology projects. Our lab includes software, hardware, machining, fabrication and assembly facilities.

  • SensiVU Innovation Room

  • SensiVU R&D Lab

  • SensiVU Fabrication Lab

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What Sets Us Apart.

We are practitioners at heart, not consultants:

Consultants have a bad (and often deserved) reputation for giving you advice and leaving you to work it out. Not us. We're interested in achieving results, so we have no problem rolling up our sleeves and working with you side-by-side to help implement specific tactics or programs for growth.

We focus exclusively on B2B:

We focus exclusively on Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations. That's where we know we can add the greatest value leveraging our one-of-a-kind expertise in entrepreneurship, business and technology coupled with multiple industry fluency.

We focus mainly on exploiting opportunities:

We don't ignore the importance of strong fundamentals but Peter Drucker, a highly regarded management expert, nailed it when he said "Of course, problems have to be paid attention to, taken seriously, and tackled... But if they are the only thing that is being discussed, opportunities will die of neglect. " The goal is to have systems in place that let owners devote more and more of their time to growth-oriented and customer-centric innovation.

We hit the ground running:

Because we are experienced entrepreneurs and leaders ourselves we can quickly wrap our heads around your issues. Traditional business consultants need to be fed a lot of information before they can even begin to compile the binder they will invariably leave with you to work out. We already have a pretty good idea about ways to tackle the most important business issues your company is facing. This allows us to get right into looking at ways for accelerating your company's performance and value.

We regard technology as a strategic asset:

What all companies, from the largest to the smallest in any industry, need to realize is that digitizing business is not about technology per se. It's about using digital technologies to expand your company’s strategic options. It’s about serving customers, creating value propositions, exploiting talent, achieving improvements in productivity, and increasing and protecting profits. These should be the overriding concerns of any business, old- or new-economy because they are the most effective practices that will maximize the performance and value of any company.

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Want to learn more about the Internet of Things? Here's a great place to start:

The Internet has a massive amount of business transition advice (and consultants) that can, at best, be described as generic and of low value. Here are a few web sources that we found useful based on our own experience:

  • PROFITguide does have a few good articles. It's a good place to start if you are just beginning to think about transitioning but you will have to sort through some useless fluff.

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About us.

SensiVU President, Jacques Renaud is an executive, technologist and a maker who thrives at the intersection of business and technology. Jacques brings more than twenty-five years of wide ranging business and technology experience, as well as transferable industry insights. He has successfully lead strong management teams and product strategy, combining vertical market expertise, technical know-how, strategic planning and entrepreneurial experience.

As an early adopter of computer technology, Jacques was quick to recognize the tremendous potential of digitization and quickly became passionate about the vision and promise of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality (AR) . He has led many projects helping businesses and governments automate complex processes resulting in the delivery of valuable and meaningful results for all stakeholders. He looks forward to helping business owners develop the right strategy and building the right capabilities for their companies to achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats.

Jacques was most recently co-founder and CEO of Privasoft Corp., an international software company which he sold to CSDC Systems Inc.

Full bio available on LinkedIn

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